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Comprehensive Analysis of the Development Level of China's Agricultural Industrialization

Comprehensive Analysis of the Development Level of China's Agricultural Industrialization

In recent years, the development level of China's agricultural industrialization has been raised in an all-round way
In recent years, the development level of China's agricultural industrialization has been raised in an all-round way, and it has become an important way to connect decentralized small-scale production and socialized markets. It has become an important reliance for promoting agricultural development, increasing peasants’ income, and rural prosperity. It has become a way to transform agricultural development and build new types of workers and peasants. The important power of the urban-rural relationship is a major highlight of the agricultural and rural economic development, and has made outstanding contributions to the sustained and rapid development of the agricultural and rural economy.
It has effectively promoted the improvement of the supply of agricultural products. The rapid development of industrialized management organizations with leading enterprises as the mainstay has become an important subject for agricultural production and agricultural product market supply, and has played an important supporting role in ensuring national grain security and effective supply of important agricultural products. At present, there are more than 280,000 industrial management organizations of various types. Radiation has driven 40% of the country's rural households to engage in agricultural production and operation. There are more than 110,000 leading enterprises and sales revenue has exceeded 6 trillion yuan. Agricultural products and processed products provided account for the agricultural product market. One-third of the supply, accounting for more than two-thirds of the supply of major vegetable basket products.
It has effectively promoted the development and construction of a modern agricultural industrial system. The leading enterprises have strengthened the construction of a complete industrial chain, promoted the establishment of a modern agricultural industrial system, and effectively improved the industrial quality of agriculture. At present, the market turnover of leading enterprises in circulation exceeds 2 trillion yuan, and the ratio of the output value of agricultural products processed by leading enterprises to the value of raw material purchases exceeds 2:1. The agricultural product processing industry in Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan and Hunan has become a local pillar industry.
Powerful promotion of farmers' income growth. Various types of industrialized operation organizations are closely related to the interests of peasants through various means, to increase the income of peasants, and to share the fruits of industrialization development between enterprises and farmers. At present, industrialized operation organizations adopting close-in benefit linkage mechanisms such as cooperation and share cooperation have exceeded 38% of the total; various industrialized operation organizations have led more than 110 million rural households, and households have increased income by more than 2,400 yuan in the year of industrialization.
Strongly promoted the improvement of agricultural science and technology innovation and application level. Leading enterprises continue to increase investment in R&D, accelerate the promotion and application of advanced and applicable technologies, provide material security and basic conditions for the advancement of agricultural science and technology, and provide an effective platform for the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements. At present, more than 90% of the country's leading enterprises have established R&D centers, 60% of which have been recognized or rewarded for scientific achievements at or above the provincial level. Leading enterprises have gathered a large number of agricultural science and technology personnel engaged in scientific research and development and technology promotion.
It has effectively promoted the development of regional advantageous industries and county economy. A group of leading enterprises with prominent leading industries, significant economies of scale, and high degree of organization emerged in various places, which not only developed the processing of agricultural products, but also promoted the development of supporting industries such as storage, packaging, and transportation, and cultivated the county's economic growth points. At present, the first batch of agricultural demonstration bases in 76 countries has basically covered major agricultural products such as grain and “vegetable basket” products, gathered more than 4,000 leading enterprises above the scale, radiated 16.8 million farmers, and employed 1.37 million people. County economic development has nurtured important pillars.