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Dear Friends,

In the passing years, Weifang Gahead Drive Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Weifang Qianjin Gearbox Co., Ltd.), adheres to a cultural concept of “Harmony, Balance, Quality, Efficiency”, has been keeping up the pace of the market and increasing investment in technology, and therefore has achieved healthy, sustained and rapid development in a marketing environment full of competition and always maintained a leading position in the industry around the country. Our main business income reached RMB320 million in the year 2014.
Through years of efforts, we, relying on our rapid development capabilities, reliable product quality and excellent after-sales services, have become a core strategic supplier of Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., held a considerable market share in the bridge box field, and won the honor of “Excellent Supplier” four times. “Professionalism, Branding, Internationalization” has become our development strategy.
Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is planning to build China’s largest large and medium-sized four-wheel four-drive tractor production base. To ensure the adequate supply of tractor front drive axles and gearboxes, Foton is strengthening cooperation with us, making us a production base of drive axles for large and medium-sized tractors and harvesting machines as well as gearboxes of China. To adapt to this situation, we are increasing investment in new product development actively, especially the development of high-powered tractor drive axles. At present, drive axles suitable for TD904, TF1004 and TG1254 three kinds of large 90-180 horsepower tractors, rice and wheat dual-use harvesters and self-propelled corn harvesters have been successfully developed; what’s more, the TD904 has completed market validation, achieving good market reaction. It is predicted that we will achieve an annual production capacity of 100,000 various drive axles and annual output value of RMB 400 million to 500 million within three or five years.
On the basis of running the TS16949 Quality Management System comprehensively, we have further implemented ERP management and TPS production method. In the future, we will rely on our advantages in productivity, technology, quality, management and brand to improve our production scale, product quality, enterprise management and all other aspects further, so as to make greater contribution to the development of China’s agricultural machine industry!